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How wearing a one-piece leather suit improved life

We probably spend the majority of our waking hours working to improve our customers’ motorcycle riding experiences, thus we find it difficult to understand why some people continue to ride on the road while wearing a one-piece riding suit.

We don’t dislike leather. We adore leather outerwear. Leather jeans can look fantastic, in our opinion. And occasionally, even we would still decide to go on tour wearing a two-piece leather suit. But nothing is less practical or less pleasant for road riding than a one-piece, in our opinion.

How a Motorcycle rider ride safely?

A rider needs to be comfortable in order to ride properly, ride safely, and to maintain complete attention. It should be quite dry and not excessively hot, chilly, or both. None of these demands are truly met by a one-piece motorcycle suit, thus we are baffled as to why people continue to ride in them.

For some, leather’s supposed safety in the event of an accident serves as reason. The protection provided by a one-piece suit is the same as that of a zip-in two-piece, even though leather inherently offers some degree of abrasion resistance. Of course, leather does not currently provide unequalled levels of abrasion resistance. Many Kevlar jeans give the same level of protection as leather in the regions where the material sits. Many single-layer jeans are far more durable overall than leather. In fact, some of the single-layer jeans we sell are stronger than leather by more than two to one.

With that said, we can’t think of any circumstances—road trips included—where a rider would be better served by a one-piece leather suit. Of course, we realize that some people will prefer to wear a one-piece race suit on the track.

But while wearing a one-piece suit while riding a bike on the road doesn’t actually make sense, wandering around when “off” the bike doesn’t make any more sense. The one-piece was never intended to be worn while walking. A one-sole piece’s purpose was to transport riders to and from the pit garage.

Hence why do people wear them?

I was told that it is merely the adult version of “fancy clothes,” by someone. When we were young, we dressed up like Robin Hood, firefighters, or cowboys to act out our fantasies. One-piece race outfits are said to be worn by those who are dressing up to look like racers or certain riding heroes. Perhaps you grant yourself permission to engage in this type of more mature role playing when you get a sports bike.

Is Race suits are exclusively made for the track?

Custom race suits are exclusively made for the track and for competing. In order to avoid any wind resistance as you try to squeeze out those last few miles per hour down the straight, they are supposed to be worn skin-tight. They weren’t made for the chilly and wettest weather you would encounter on a day out. Additionally, they weren’t made for walking. A separate motorcycle leather jacket one-piece suit is, in our opinion, perhaps the least practical attire you could possibly wear while driving.

One-piece race suits are not our thing, it is truthful to say at this point.

They are illogical for riding on the road by any rational standard. Although it is not our place to suggest how motorcyclists should dress, bikes generally don’t score well under any analysis of appropriate behavior.

The fact that a one-piece suit makes one feel slightly more invincible, however, is obvious to anyone who has ever worn one. We are concerned about this, which is the underlying reason we are having a problem and why we are unable to sell them.

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