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Why you Should buy from MotoGP Gears ?

We used the best materials for our customer satisfaction and safety. below some of our technical information are mentioned.

Best Leather tanned

The leather used in MotoGP GEARS merchandise is tanned and examined withinside the first-rate tanneries of Italy, Turkey and Pakistan. We use technical leather exclusively set apart for the manufacturing of moto gp items. We mainly work with bovine leather although we also give the option of manufacturing in kangaroo too.

YKK Zips

The zippers we use in our equipment are original YKK brand, a Japanese and globally renowned manufacturer. We use zippers with auto-block system which that guarantees an automatic blockage of the cursors.

keprotec – Schoeller Kevlar

All the elastic parts of our apparels, jackets and pants are partially manufactured with KEPROTEC. This material comes directly from Switzerland and it is an elastic and fire resistant material with great resistance to abrasion. Thanks to Keprotec the equipment will perfectly fit your body, guaranteeing movement and protection.

Threads And Seams

For the production of our products we use SCHOELLER and AMANN technical threads. These threads are technical and resistant to abrasion. We also use KEVLAR threads guaranteeing a total security in the seams. In regards to tailoring, all our garments use double and triple security seams.

Double Layer Reinforcement

In case of falling, the critical areas are reinforced with double layers of leather. The abrasion is charged on the first layer, and in case of perforation there is a second security layer.


The protections that are used in the tailor-made MotoGP Gears products count on the best security certification that exists. We work with manufacturers such as SAS-TEC, BETAC, 3DO, KNOX… All our protections are homologated and tested, not only the inner ones but also the outer ones made of Titanium.


The neoprene final details in the neck and sleeves are made upon request, thanks to which comfort and smoothness in areas of constant friction are guaranteed.


Inner protections as well as knee sliders use velcro fastenings, allowing the protection to adapt to a comfortable position.