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Why MotoGP Gear Is Right for You

Regular motorcycle leather suit is required for riding on the street, however at racetracks, racing suits are required by law. Why is that? Why is it that you have to change into racing leathers in order to go to the track in your regular riding attire, participate in a track day, and then return home?

No real motorcycle racer will ever push oneself to the limit while riding on shared asphalt because doing so is a recreational pastime. This is because pushing one’s limits on public roadways can be risky due to unexpected traffic and driving behaviour. Gear for road riding is made with these considerations in mind. It is designed to defend.

The Advantages of MotoGP Leather Jacket for You

On public roads, riders must wear standard motorcycle attire; but, at racetracks, racing suits are mandated by law. How come? Why can’t you wear your ordinary riding clothes to the track, attend a track day, and then go home without changing into racing leathers?

Since riding a motorcycle is a recreational activity, no real motorcycle racer will ever push themselves to the maximum while doing so on shared asphalt. This is because pushing oneself to the limit on a public road can be dangerous because of unforeseen traffic and driving habits. These factors are taken into account when manufacturing road riding gear. It is made to protect.

In what does a MotoGP suit?

We utilise cowhide most of the time, but we also occasionally use kangaroo. However, because it is so wear-resistant and often between 1.2 and 1.4 millimetres thick, bovine is mostly used.

Discover in-depth information about the protective leathers worn by the fastest motorcycle riders in the world.

You’d want to make sure you were adequately protected in the event that you had a close encounter with the tarmac if you were hurtling around a track at speeds over 300kph on a bike with 230hp, correct?

Fortunately, those in charge of outfitting the MotoGP elite use only the finest materials and cutting-edge technologies to make sure that each pair of leathers is crammed with components that provide the highest level of protection.

Custom-made: The ideal fit

Every set of biker leather suit is perfectly customised to each rider’s particular needs, with freedom of mobility being very crucial but a snug fit being just as important for safety reasons.

According to Jeremy Appleton, the suit is custom-made to ensure that the rider receives the best possible performance and that all necessary protection will be present in the event of a crash. Additionally, it prevents the body’s protective covering from being ripped off by the impact’s abrasion.

Made to measure leather suit In order to verify the measures, we will measure the riders at the conclusion of the previous season or during preseason testing. It is a continuous process.

Protection for the elbows, shoulders, and knees is provided by the suit. It is integrated and detachable. That offers a respectable amount of impact defence. The suit’s interior lining can be removed and cleaned because it is detachable.

The clothes are made of many panels and are stitched differently. All of the panels are double stitched, and in certain cases, double lined in regions that are most sensitive. We utilise specific types of thread and make sure everything is double stitched internally and externally so that even if the threads do give way, the strength is kept internally.


Construction and contact: High-quality components

The rider’s knees, elbows, and shoulders are important sites of contact as he gets off the bike, thus additional care must be taken with these areas. The optimum protection is provided by a certain set of building materials and construction methods.

MotoGP Gears Custom Suit Guide

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