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How to Find the Perfect MotoGP Leather Suit Online

How to Find the Perfect MotoGP Leather Suit Online

How to select between Race Fit and Comfort Fit/

For your bespoke leathers to fit as perfectly as possible, Bison takes 30 measurements of your body. You are then given the option of “Race Fit” or “Comfort Fit” after we have your measurements. You can choose the option that is ideal for you by reading our brief blog post where we compare and contrast the two tailoring methods.

What is the distinction?

A Race Fit Bison suit is essentially designed for someone whose weight is constant. When it comes to weight gain or layering beneath the leathers in colder weather, it’s going to be pretty “unforgiving.” If you’re anything like me and can’t help but indulge throughout the holidays, you could find yourself struggling to zip up for the first event of the year. A Comfort Fit suit, on the other hand, will have a little more room. You’ll still be cozy and safe, but in considerably greater luxury.

What to anticipate with regard to fit

First, let’s discuss out-of-the-box fit. Nothing is more thrilling than taking your brand-new, custom Bison leathers out of the packaging for the first time! You move to put them on now. There could be some worry. “I hope my friend measured me correctly,” “I’m aware I’ve put on a little weight since we measured,” etc. The initial entry and exit from a Motorcycle leather jacket will probably need assistance from another person. Do not panic just yet! They should fit snugly. They’ll also break in. Go sit on your motorcycle or take one for a ride instead of trying to ride one while standing. It should feel more at ease in the suit soon.

The right locations will still be snugly fitted by a comfort fit suit. The last thing we need is for the padding to move during a collision; everything must remain in place and perform as intended. Other portions of the suit, however, will be a little looser than with a Race Fit. This will enable you to put on some weight off-season or wear additional clothing underneath the suit during cooler weather.

The common factor between the two fitment styles may be some looseness in the lower back and buttocks. This is typical for a track use suit since it allows for proper fit and mobility during a race tuck.

Why would anyone select Race Fit, then?

Simply said, a Race Fit suit will perform optimally in the case of a slide. You do want the suit to fit as closely to your body as possible since any extra material will bunch up and produce a hot spot that can burn a hole in the leather or fold and cause excessive friction that will send you falling. A Custom race  suit will also fit more streamlined and weigh a tiny bit less at the highest levels of racing, where every thousandth of a second counts.

Things to think about

  • Do you always keep the same “race weight” regardless of the weather?
  • Do you intend to ride occasionally in cooler weather?
  • Do you foresee any changes at all since the measurement? For instance, would you like a different back protector or more bulk?

Which fashion best suits me?

What I’ve discovered is that the majority of racers and track day riders approach this procedure from a Race Fit perspective. After all, you want to appear like your MotoGP idol! However, occasionally those same people discover that their body type isn’t as attractive as Fabio Quartararo’s, and that their old, big off-the-rack leathers don’t feel as “homey” as the new motorcycle suit that they just bought. The truth is that when speaking to genuine race suits, the word “comfortable” refers to something very different than an off-the-rack suit. A comfy Race Fit suit won’t necessarily make you want to wander about in it all day, but it will make you feel at ease.

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