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What Makes a Motorcycle Suit the Break We All Need Right Now

A guide to leather suits, to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements.

Motorcycle leather suits provide the best level of performance and protection.

One-piece and two-piece suits differ in the following ways: various designs for various applications

  • The ideal suits for the most rigorous track racing are one-piece ones, while two-piece ones are appropriate for competitive road riding.
  • Always put on a new suit while riding rather than simply standing up to ensure that it fits properly.
  • Think about getting a tailored suit for the most comfort and security.
  • D-air electrical airbag protection is included into the most cutting-edge Dainese suits.

A motorcycle leather suit is without a doubt the most protective piece of apparel when it comes to degrees of protection when riding. A thin layer of cowhide, or kangaroo leather in some models, has excellent abrasion resistance in addition to outstanding impact resistance. Although motorcyclists typically don motorcycle suits for track racing, they are a good option for road riding as well. So, for a quick guide on picking the best motorbike suit for you, read on.

Track riding-specific one-piece motorcycle outfits

One-piece and two-piece motorcycle outfits have this as their main distinction. In the first instance, we’re discussing apparel made specifically for track riding. In order to fit properly when crouching beneath the fairing of a sports motorcycle on a straightaway, for example, the suit has very prominent angles on the arms and legs and is pre-curved forward. The Dainese Mugello RR D-air® suit is an excellent example. It is outfitted with the cutting-edge Dainese D-air® electronic airbag system, which analyses how you move in the saddle and automatically detects any dynamics leading to a fall in order to activate and protect collarbones and shoulders as needed.

There’s also the more traditional Laguna Seca 5, which features extended stretch inserts on the hips, back, arms, and legs for maximum range of motion. Despite not having the Dainese D-air system, this suit is still safe thanks to its integrated hardshell protective gear and the metal plates on the shoulders and elbows.

Motorcycle outfits in two pieces, perfect for road riding

Two-piece motorcycle suits, as was already noted, are another option, but they shouldn’t be mistaken with leather complete jacket-pant suits (with a more relaxed fit and designed to be used mainly on the road). Two-piece suits are less specialised than one-piece suits because they are made for sports road riding. Although they are designed to always be worn “in full” (the top section has a shorter cut than a traditional motogp leather jacket, making it unsuitable to be worn with different pants), they are more comfortable and practical than one-piece suits, especially for riding in an upright position. The Avro suit, which is also available with the Dainese D-air system, is a nice illustration of a two-piece suit.

full-leather pants and jacket Suits, on the other hand, consist of a jacket and pants that may be fastened together with a zipper; the fit is, however, noticeably more loose because they are specifically made for riding on the road and should feel comfortable while riding upright. The jacket is also made to be worn without the coordinating pants.


How to determine a biker leather suit’s size

Always try on a motorbike suit in the riding position to determine the proper size: It’s common to experience some “pulling” when wearing a new suit for the first time in the store, especially around the shoulders. But do not fret:

One-piece motorcycle suits in particular need to be comfortable while riding, not while standing. In this regard, Our  stores allow customers to try on outfits while seated on a motorcycle or in the riding position (find the store closest to you store locator link). Additionally, bear in mind that leather stretches with usage and becomes more comfortable. To ensure optimum comfort and complete range of movement, always test the suit on with your boots, back protection, and gloves.

To better fit your proportions, some suits, like the Laguna Seca 5, provide several sorts of sizes, Short or Tall: On the specific webpage for each suit, there is a sizing chart.

MotoGP Gears Custom Suit Guide

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