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Tip How To Order an Made To Measure Motorcycle Leather Suit

You could choose leather even though you’ll never step foot on a track. Since it does appear tough and smooth, let’s face it. But what should you look for when beginning your quest for the ideal leathers? We’ll assist you and provide you with additional information.

Who tiny rider purchasing a leather motorcycle suit?

Each brand’s leather motorcycle suits have a unique fit. Do you ride a smaller bike or are you a petite, slender woman? The Motorcycle leather suits from companies will then catch your eye because they are quite roomy. Italian brands frequently feature a more fitted fit and smaller size. However, we also note discrepancies there. Different lengths are available from some brands. More curves in your favor? There are numerous greater sizes offered by us.

How To Take Care Of Your Suites?

If properly cared for, leather is quite durable. After a long ride, you simply want to take it off and put it away, and we understand the challenge. But make sure you give your suit some TLC. Leather is quite windproof and water resistant, but if you don’t take care of it, these properties will go.

Surprised by a downpour? Consequently, avoid hanging your leather outfit over the heater. The living room’s temperature is ideal for hanging your suit to dry (or another room of course). When your suit is almost completely dry, you treat it with leather grease if you want to do things very nicely. So before it entirely dries. A cotton cloth and leather cleaner work best for cleaning a leather outfit.

Which style of Motorcycle leather suits me the best?

The bulk of racers and track day riders, I’ve found, approach this process from a Race Fit standpoint. You want to look like your MotoGP leather jacket hero, after all! Sometimes, though, those same folks realise that their physique isn’t as appealing as Fabio Quartararo’s and that their new race suit doesn’t feel as “homey” as their old, bulky off-the-rack leathers. In actuality, a genuine race suit is significantly different from an off-the-biker leather suit in terms of what is meant by “comfortable.” Even while you might not want to spend the entire day lounging around in a comfortable Race Fit suit, wearing one will make you feel at ease.


As a result, wearing a leather suit—often a one-piece suit—is required on many courses before you may ride. Do you partake in a scheduled track day where you receive instructions from seasoned riders? In that instance, wearing a leather motorcycle suit is preferred, while textile suits might still be permitted. For the simple reason that it is made up of just one piece, a one-piece suit is safer than any other motorcycle clothing. The complaint has these alleged “weak points” as a result. For instance, a two-piece suit can have a zipper that connects the jacket and the pants.

The most secure motorbike outfit to wear is a one-piece outfit. If you want to compete in track events, it is also necessary. These suits can also be made airbag-ready.

You get all the benefits of a one-piece motorcycle suit, but with a little extra comfort. During a pause for a cold beverage, you can effortlessly remove the jacket.


Finding the ideal leathers might be very difficult. You are welcome to set aside half a day to browse the suits in a motorbike clothing store we offer custom my race suit. A new leather outfit is not something you “simply” put on. It requires some work, so it can take some time.

Do you ride in a sporty or racy manner? Then purchasing a one-piece suit is best. Do you favors convenience and comfort when riding on the roads? Next, decide on a two-piece suit. The fit of suits from various brands might vary significantly. So try on many suits from various companies. And always buy it tightly. Pass up spacious and comfortable. Aim for snug and just a little uncomfortable.

MotoGP Gears Custom Suit Guide

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