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The Complete Guide to Choosing a quality made to measure leather How to choose a comfort-fit or race-fit outfit

Bison takes 30 measurements of your body to ensure the best fit possible for your personalised leathers. When we have those dimensions, we offer you to choose between “Comfort Fit” or “Race Fit.” In this short blog post, we’ll evaluate the two types of tailoring and offer advice on which is most suitable for you.

What makes the difference?

In essence, a Race Fit Bison suit is made for someone whose weight is stable. It’s going to be quite “unforgiving” when it comes to weight growth or wearing layers below the leathers in colder temperatures.

You could have trouble zipping up for the first event of the year if you’re anything like me and find it impossible to resist indulging throughout the holidays. Contrarily, there will be a little more space in a Comfort Fit one-piece leather suit. Even though you’ll be in much more luxury, you’ll still feel cosy and secure.

Issues to consider

  • No of the weather, do you consistently maintain the same “race weight”?
  • Do you expect to occasionally cycle in the fall and winter?
  • Do you anticipate any changes as a result of the measurement? Would you want a different back protector or additional bulk, for example?

What to expect in terms of fit

Let’s talk about out-of-the-box fit first. Taking your brand-new, personalized Motogp Leather jacket out of the packaging for the first time is the most exciting thing ever! You move to put them on at this time. There may be cause for concern. “I hope my friend took the right measurement,” “I know I’ve gained a little weight since we measured,” etc. It’s likely that you’ll require assistance from another person to enter and remove a Race Fit suit for the first time.

A comfort fit suit will nonetheless be snugly fitted in the appropriate places. The padding must stay put and function as intended during a collision; the last thing we need is for it to move. the suit’s other components, yet a touch looser than with a Race Fit. This will allow you to gain weight during the off-season or dress in layers underneath the suit during the cooler months.

There may be some looseness in the lower back and buttocks that unites the two fitting patterns. Since it enables for optimum fit and mobility during a race tuck, this is usual for a track use suit. again, sitting on the bike, tucking forward while seated on the bike.

So why would anyone choose Race Fit?

Simply said, a two-piece leather suit will function best in a slide situation. Since any surplus material will bunch up and create a hot spot that could burn a hole in the leather or fold and create too much friction that will send you falling, you do want the suit to fit as snugly to your body as possible. At the greatest levels of racing, where every thousandth of a second counts, a race fit suit will also fit more streamlined and weigh slightly less.

What happens if I lose weight and my Comfort Fit suit stretches out?

I normally tell people, “You can always layer protection under the suit, but you can’t make it looser without adjusting.” The main areas of extra dimension in a made to measure leather suit are the chest and upper thighs. I myself wear a Comfort Fit suit because my weight ranges between 155 and 170 pounds and because I occasionally bike in colder weather. I stack my back protectors and add a chest protector when my weight is at the lower end of that range (I am using a hard-shell protector in the “backpack” type in addition). I’ll be wearing pant legs with padding.

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