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Leather clothes for motorcycles

Motorcycle gear is traditional leather clothing. This is because leather motorcycle apparel offers outstanding protection from the cold and weather. Leather achieves the ideal mix between safety, weather protection, and comfort since it is porous.

In the event of traffic accidents, Biker Leather Suits are undoubtedly superior to those made of materials due to their high resilience.

 Atlantis BMW Leather Jacket

Motorcycles commonly have cow leather. On occasion, kangaroo leather is treated.

Due to the need for weather protection, smooth leather is virtually always made. A nubuck leather suit is being marketed by BMW as a motorcycle jacket. The concept is referred to as Atlantis.

Up to two hides may need to be processed for a motorbike leather suit. The surface area of a typical cattle skin is 4.5 to 5.5 square metres. The more continuous surfaces there are, the more leather is required. For combinations with several seams and small portions, there is less leather cutting waste, but there is a greater chance of water seepage in the seams.

Clothing with quality construction has waterproof seams. For this, cotton-coated synthetic yarns are used. While the plastic yarn is weather- and tear-resistant, the cotton stretches in the presence of moisture and fills the seam gaps.

The amount of processing is greatest for dark colours. Dark colours make insect explosions on suits while driving swiftly less noticeable. Because bright colours make objects easier to see, cleaning requires a lot more work.

To minimise the extreme warmth of the dark leather in the sun, there is so-called “cool leather” available. This kind of black leather doesn’t get as heated as other types.

  • Contrary to popular belief, a riding gear made of leather is not at all heavy. There are several different types of thin leather that are both incredibly light and completely protective. We advise investing in a cowhide or kangaroo leather suit if you’re a professional racer searching for a lightweight riding outfit made of leather.
  • Although kangaroo leather is extraordinarily light, its tensile strength is ten times more than that of cowhide.
  • When you examine the features, you’ll see that the more high-tech elements there are on a motorbike leather suit, the more expensive it is.

variations of motorcycle attire

There are two types of Motorcycle leather suits:

one-piece motorcycle suit

 and two-piece motorcycle suit  . The type of motorcycle suit you choose will depend on the style of your riding. Are you an experienced racer? For street riding, very few individuals purchase motorcycle suits. Riders that aspire to race professionally tend to purchase the majority of suits. The top of a two-piece suit can be worn as a jacket on days when a full suit is not required, making it easier to get into. While in racing, a one-piece suit is the norm. Both perform admirably on the track.


Let’s be honest. Although leather is slightly more expensive than textile, the two materials’ strengths cannot be compared. A riding jacket made of textile will not withstand even one crash, and you’ll see that the rips and burns extend all the way to the mesh lining. Contrarily, leather is far more resilient than textile and can be reused despite a few minor burns and rips.

It is safe to say that a significant portion of motorcycle riders do not ride while donning the advised riding apparel. In fact, many motorcycle riders simply have a helmet as their only item of appropriate protection.

However, we advise investing in high-quality riding gear, such as a leather suit for a motorcycle that is customised to your needs and protects you from unforeseen accidents.

Do you enjoy wearing motogp gear? Have you yet to find the elusive leather motorcycle suit? Please let us know if you prefer to ride a motorcycle while wearing a one- or two-piece leather outfit.

MotoGP Gears Custom Suit Guide

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