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How to Purchase a Leather Jacket

Fashion leather jacket versus motorcycle leather jacket

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Aren’t they the same thing?”

Prior to spending your hard-earned money, it’s critical to understand the distinction.

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The purpose of a motorcycle leather jacket is to protect you in the event of an accident. Motorcycle jackets are typically composed of sturdier leathers, occasionally contain plates stitched into important regions like the shoulders, and are frequently trimmed shorter to improve comfort while seated.

Fourth Opinion

Fashion jackets usually use more delicate, softer leathers like lamb and calfskin. They are usually a bit longer, more appealing, and more trendy because their goal is to make you seem extremely nice. (My two favourites personally)

Even if you can wear a fashionable leather jacket while riding a motorcycle, keep in mind that it won’t offer you the same level of protection as a real motorcycle jacket.

Instead of a trendy leather jacket, a real motorcycle jacket can also be worn, but if you want to seem stylish, I wouldn’t recommend it. (I’m being open and sincere.)

How ought it to fit?

Major Fit Points of Motogp leather suit

  • Shoulders: Be sure that the shoulder seams are as close as possible to your shoulder points.
  • Armholes: The fit is better the higher the armholes are. When you move your arms if it’s too low, your jacket will move. A jacket that has a low armhole is either excessively big or has inadequate construction.
  • Sleeves should be fitting but not overly constrictive. I prefer the sleeve of leather coats to either terminate at the base of my thumb or my wrists (near the joint as it is on the photo above).
  • Length: You can wear it around your waist or just long enough to cover your belt or waistline. Long coats are made by some designers (like Rick Owens), and they usually look best on taller guys.
  • I advise putting on a t-shirt and a button-up shirt when trying on the jacket when shopping.

Although you should be able to move and strike someone in the face if necessary, you want to lean on the tighter side.


There is an alternative if visiting a tailor and trying on several looks sounds tiresome.

Companies like Schott offer personalised work in all of their timeless designs.

Even though you’ll pay more, prices start at $1,000, so it’s still a good deal for what you get. Particularly when you contrast it with luxury jackets that cost $2,500 or more and might be too long for you.

You can make any customization requests, including ones that are not on the list, for everything from the jacket length to the sleeve length.

Although some companies produce biker leather suits specifically for shorter men (such as this one from Peter Manning), I can’t speak for the quality.


The type and quality of the leather – Cheaper motogp leather jackets are frequently crafted from cheaper skins that have undergone chemical treatment to improve their appearance. These procedures alter the way the skin feels, ages, and breathes. They’ll eventually split and crack, giving you a depressing-looking leather jacket.

Topstitching – While not all leather jackets have it, well-designed coats frequently have. They mostly serve as decoration but provide a design the much-needed punch. Consider it similar to bolding text. Budget-friendly coats employ thin thread or don’t topstitch at all, but well-made jackets use strong duty threads that stand out.

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