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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Leather Suit for You

A Leather suit is not only very safe, but also looks good. A Two piece leather suit and a one piece leather suit, also known as racing suits, are the two variants of leather suit.


Even if you’ll never step foot on a track, leather is an option. Because, let’s face it, it does appear strong and smooth. But what should you be on the lookout for as you begin your hunt for the ideal leathers? We’ll assist you and provide you with further details.

Purchasing a motorcycle suit made of leather from Cow to Kangaroo

Leather is the primary material used in motorcycle and racing attire. Kevlar material is used for areas like the groyne, the inside of the arms, and other places where more ventilation and mobility are sought. In terms of leather, kangaroo and cow skin are frequently preferred. On sometimes, the goat must also sacrifice his life so that we might pass safely around the track.

It should be obvious that leather motorbike clothing is not very animal-friendly. Although the company Alien Moto pioneered the development of a vegan biker leather suit, leather remains the material of choice for the majority of brands.

And the HUMPBACK WHALE, the entire kingdom of animals.

The humpback whale completes the animal kingdom. The prominent “hump” on the top back is typically absent from two-piece  leather suits. The C3 cervical vertebra is protected by a slight hump on the top back and neck of the two-piece motorcycle suits with a sport-tour style.

The rigid knee protection known as knee sliders are present in almost every leather motorcycle outfit. Elbow sliders are frequently included in race suits and one-piece suits made for extremely athletic riders. 

On racetracks,Motogp leather suits are frequently required.

Because of this, it is frequently required to wear a leather suit (often a one-piece suit) in order to ride on many tracks. Do you take part in scheduled track days where you receive training from seasoned riders? In that instance, textile outfits might still be permitted, but wearing a leather motorcycle suit is preferred. Simply because it is made of one piece, a one-piece suit is safer than all other motorcycle attire. As a result, the suit has what are known as “weak points.” For instance, a two-piece suit might have a zipper to keep a jacket and a pair of pants together.


To increase safety, there are now airbag vests and motorcycle jackets with integrated airbag systems. The motorcycle airbag is either built into your riding suit or worn around the body as a vest.

The airbag inflates itself in a matter of milliseconds after impact, lessening the force on the upper body (and sometimes also on the hips). In the event of a crash, this can avoid fractures and significant damage. Although they are far from common, leather motorcycle suits with built-in airbag systems is a trend we fervently support. Major companies like Alpinestars and Dainese are already making significant strides in this direction, but smaller companies like


Finding the ideal leathers might be very difficult. You are welcome to set aside half a day to browse the suits in a motorbike clothing store. A new leather outfit is not something you “simply” put on. It requires some work, so it can take some time.

Do you ride in a sporty or racy manner? Then purchasing a one-piece suit is best. Do you favour convenience and comfort when riding on the roads? Next, decide on a two-piece suit. The fit of suits from various brands might vary significantly. So try on many suits from various companies. And always buy it tightly. Pass up spacious and comfortable. Aim for snug and just a little uncomfortable. leather clothing

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