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How a rider chose the best made to measure leather suit for riding?

How a rider chose the best made to measure leather suit for riding?

Making the choice between leather and material is a fantastic place to start if you’re utterly lost when it concerns to motorcycle leather suits. We’ll go through the fundamentals today, but you may read more in our article on.


The ideal made to measure motorcycle leather suit ultimately depends on a rider’s needs, preferences, and riding technique. Finding the right motorcycle suit can be challenging because different motorcycle suits offer various advantages. Consequently, we’re going to give you all the crucial information you require.

Many bikers still adore the previously existed and vintage elegance that leather jackets offer. Nothing gives you a stronger sense of invincibility than donning a leather motorbike jacket and accelerating at dizzying rates of speed.

The main benefit of motorcycle leather suits is their durability. Despite major advancements in textile clothing, leather remains the top material for abrasion resistance.

What are the specifications of textile made to measure motorcycle leather suit?

The appearance of a textile motorcycle jacket is similar to casual wear. Perfect if you like to dress more discreetly or if you’re a weekend rider who wants to stay wearing your suit after you get off the bike.

Although a textile motorcycle suit won’t provide the same amount of protection as a cowhide one, the difference is negligible thanks to contemporary materials like braided nylon. SA uses braided nylon to line our denim clothing because it is robust enough to manufacture space shuttle liners and is light enough to float on water.

Leather is typically bulkier and less breathable than textile clothing, which keeps you cooler. With specialized suits that feature features like water resistance and thermal lining, you’ll be able to handle the weather considerably better. If you prefer a looser fit through the arms and chest, just make sure the garment is fitted tightly enough to maintain its shape if you were to remove it.

Body armour should always be worn by riders. If you don’t have this essential piece of equipment, even a short trip to the store could have catastrophic consequences.

Why armour used in made to measure leather suits?

A motorcycle suit should have armour compartments in the shoulders and elbows as well as space for a back protector. These are the upper body’s most delicate areas, and they aren’t very good at handling unexpected accidents.

Some suits have protection built right into the fabric, although the majority have armour compartments. Actually, there are certain advantages to selecting your own armour. Any brand that best suits you can be chosen, and you can eventually switch it out if you feel that you require an improvement.

Body armour must be tightly fitted in order to be effective. Purchasing it from the same store where you purchased your motorcycle suit is an excellent way to ensure that it will fit properly. To simulate how it will seem when you’re out on the road, assume a full tuck riding position.

Good armour is both light enough to not interfere with your riding and robust enough to resist some damage is a popularity among riders since it is flexible and soft while being worn but hardens upon contact.

How a rider distinctive personality should be expressed in their motorbike suit?

Your distinctive brand and personality should be expressed in your motorcycle suit. It’s the pinnacle of fashion, adding a little extra attitude to your step and displaying the fearless, unbreakable spirit of riders everywhere.

What style you have is up to yourself to define. For people who appreciate retro style and wish to channel their inner savage biker, a leather suit is ideal. It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the numerous designs before purchasing a textile motorcycle suit  because of the range it offers.

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