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Can a rider get a made to measure leather suit accordingly to their choice like a professional rider?

Can a rider get a made to measure leather suit accordingly to their choice like a professional rider?

After receiving the required information, it is now up to our manufacturer’s design teams to convert your vision into actual clothing you ever considered the motives and movements of professional riders? If so, it was a dream in the recent past, but it’s now simple. We have created a customized work schedule just for you. Allowing all riders—on the street or on the racetrack—to obtain custom-made, made-to-measure motorcycle leather suits, jackets, and pants. You are given complete creative freedom to design the leather apparel of your dreams by our skilled artisans

How a rider get their motorcycle leather suit customized according to their own style and design?

If you’ve ever wanted a made-to-measure or customized leather suit, the technique is rather simple and quick. With us, you have the ability to select your ideal choices for customization for added comfort, color matching for your equipment or team, protection, fabric, accessories, and logo.

What a rider to do for made to measure motorcycle leather suit?

You must first make a list of your requirements, design preferences, desired modifications, etc. Send us an email or call our customer care with these requests.

Our customer service team gives you with a customized measurement form. Where you must give your physical measurements and other requirements.

Similar to the body measurements, let us know your variety of design, including the shades, accessories, sponsor logo (if applicable), and inside and outside safety options.

We provide the option for you to customize your suit with pictures, names, lucky numbers, race teams, and sponsored logos to make it truly unique.

Our professional craftsmen design & produce your outfits according to the specifications you supply, turning your ideal design into actual apparel.

After the apparel is made, our distribution center sends the item to the specified address.

Input. We appreciate your comments just as much as everyone else does. We would like to know about your experience after obtaining you’re made to measure or personalized item. Don’t forget to send us an email with your feedback, as well as reviews and comments on Face book and other social media platforms.

Why riders prefer black color for made to measure leather suit?

Black is frequently selected because it is more stain-resistant because motorcycle wear can gather a large amount of dirt, dust, and gasoline. In addition, because the majority of motorcycle gear is made of black leather, many riders want to wear black.                                                                                              WHY motorcycles need leather?                                                                                                                            Better protection for riders. Security is the number one cause bikers wear jacket, shirts, gloves, and other clothing. The leather really does possess great impact resistance qualities. As a result of this, it can reduce any bruises and scrapes you would get in an accident.

Is leather acceptable for motorbike riding?

Because motorcycle leather jackets are so strong, some riders want to wear it. Using a motorcycle jacket is intended to protect your body, and leather remains the material of choice for this reason. Because leather jackets are still so strong, many motorcyclists like to use it. The idea of wearing a motorbike jacket is leather still is king in this respect.  When using a motorcycle, leather has been proved to provide stronger protections than conventional clothing. 

Why do motorcyclists wear leather?                                                                                  

If a rider is in an accident, leather clothing is meant to protect their bodies. Motorcycle riders are completely aware of their sensitivity, and wearing leather is one of the most important protective measures for reducing road rash in the event of accidents.

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