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A complete guide for a quality Made to measure leather suit

Regular motorcycle clothing is required for riding on the street, however at racetracks, racing suits are required by law. Why is that? Why is it that you have to change into racing leathers in order to go to the track in your regular riding attire, participate in a track day, and then return home?

No real motorcycle racer will ever push oneself to the limit while riding on shared asphalt because doing so is a recreational pastime. This is because pushing one’s limits on public roadways can be risky due to unexpected traffic and driving behavior. Gear for road riding is made with these considerations in mind.

Is designed to keep the rider comfortable in the saddle while also safeguarding them in the event of a fall or accident.

On the other hand, biker leather suits or Motorcycle leather jackets have a fairly constrained set of uses. They provide the best possible protection and are made to keep you devoted to the horse. You’ll notice that many of your body movements are limited after you put on a race suit. Standing erect becomes a challenge in and of itself when your shoulders are bent forward, your arms feel as though they are dangling in front of you, etc. All of these are beneficial if you wish to travel quickly around a track on two wheels.

If your riding skills are significantly superior to those of inexperienced track day riders, race suits now also have sliders. When you approach a corner, tuck the bike in, and lower your knee and elbow, your sliders make touch with the asphalt rather than just plain old leather or textile.

The one-piece leather suit can be used on the road for short distances even though it is typically not recommended to wear a race suit while riding on a public highway. It runs smoothly on the track. If you want to wear a liner below the race suit, the Rev’it! is a wonderful choice. The majority of racing leathers go nicely with the Excellerator Race Undersuit.

MotoGP safety equipment

There are risks involved in every type of motorsport, but few are as high-risk as motorcycle racing. Riders in MotoGP gear are entirely exposed on the racing circuit, unlike in Formula 1 or IndyCar, and there is no halo or survival shell to shield them in the case of a crash.

Every element of a rider’s gear has been created to provide them with the maximum amount of protection given the risks. Although there is no way to predict every form of accident, the safety measures used in MotoGP suit may mean the difference between life and death.

  • Helmet

A helmet’s construction components can vary; some are made of a carbon fibre composite, while others use fiberglass, Kevlar, and resin. The visor space is then laser-cut out using the latter technique, which involves pressing the components into a mound. The helmet’s creator then signs the interior, and two more persons are needed to verify the weight and thickness of the outside shell.

Styrofoam makes up the following layer. This is far more high-tech than the material you may find in a package with fragile items because it has varied densities in the structure depending on whether parts of the head require complete protection or absorption abilities.

  • Visors

Without a visor, race helmets wouldn’t be complete, and just like the outer shell, visors need to be very durable to shield riders from flying objects. Tear-off strips can be rapidly removed during a race to clear any grime if dirt accumulates to the point where seeing the track becomes challenging.

High-speed missiles don’t endanger a rider’s vision because the visors’ substance doesn’t break or shatter. They can also have an anti-fog coating applied to them to stop condensation from forming in cold weather.


The highest amount of protection is provided to the rider by the materials used in  suit the which are primarily leather. The racing suits also have amour, which offers additional defense in places like the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. A back protector would be worn by the rider underneath the racing suit.

MotoGP Gears Custom Suit Guide

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