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A complete guide for a quality Made to measure leather suit

A complete guide for a quality Made to measure leather suit

It is not simple to decide which high-end –motorcycle leather suit we will wear in the upcoming years. There are always questions, and the weight can be one of them.


In addition to feeling lighter in this high-quality non-leather suit, we will also realize that it conforms to our body much better (the motogp leather jacket ones need some time to adapt). This is as a result of its main fabric being more flexible and being created to measure.

Many of our customers have remarked that synthetic leather feels more comfortable on the road and feels like a second skin compared to authentic leather. This is crucial because active safety includes comfort.


When an event is unavoidable, passive safety rests on the elements that work to lessen its effects. Use of helmets and clothing with high abrasion, rip, and cut resistance, for instance.

Due to the high molecular weight polyethylene used in the astronauts’ suits on the International Space Station, the near suit was tested to the highest safety standard (AAA) and passed with flying colors.

Since our safety depends on the materials and equipment we use, it is crucial that we are knowledgeable about them.


The weight of the suit varies depending on the materials used to make it and the kind of safeguards added, thus no two suits weigh the same. The majority of leather suits weigh between 5 and 6 kg and feature 3 protection (shoulders, elbows, and knees).

But not all suits are created from leather. The core fabric of our made to measure motorcycle suit is constructed of extremely durable polyethylene, making it entirely synthetic. Additionally, all high-impact areas are completely protected with Super fabric and Kevlar.

Instead of 3, it includes 7 protectors, including those for the shoulders, elbows, back, chest, knees, and hips.Therefore, it weighs 5.5 kg. It would only weigh 4 kg if the protectors were taken out and replaced with the standard 3 seen in other suits.

In other words, the Andromeda near suit is lighter with equivalent protection.


When looking for the ideal suit for us, it’s crucial to pay attention to the small things, such as perforation: greater perforation means more ventilation. If you plan to ride the track while wearing a one-piece suit, it’s wise to have sufficient ventilation. Of course, the time of year makes a difference. What is convenient in the summer is a hassle in the winter.

The aerodynamic hump and room for the hydration bag on the made to measure suit, sometimes known as the “camel bag,” are additional crucial components for using the track. If you take the time trials seriously, it’s not a trifle; the hump optimizes aerodynamics and decreases helmet turbulence while providing space for the helmet. A basic riding accessory is a hydration kit.

Checking the elbow and knee angles is also crucial. These tips are more angled when they are more athletic. On the other side, it’s crucial that the suit feels cozy when riding. The rear will probably be a little baggy in the upright position because it’s crucial that we can move freely while attached to the bike.

 What Protective gear for motorcycles?

Let’s start with the safeguards. The vast majority of suits, even those in one or two pieces, have inside shoulder, elbow, and hip protection. However, certain versions come complete with back and chest protectors as well. If not, you’ll need to purchase them individually but they’ll undoubtedly have a place for installation.

Some suits also contain safeguards on the outside of the shoulders and elbows in addition to these protection components. The elbow slider serves a similar purpose to the traditional knee sliders because today’s tires enable us to incline more and more, while the shoulder slider acts as a component that helps protect this area in the case of sliding on asphalt.

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