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What Motorcyclist Experts Want You to Know Riders on motorcycles

What Motorcyclist Experts Want You to Know

Riders on motorcycles and scooters are at risk on our roads.

Each year in Cape town, about 950 bikers are murdered or suffer major injuries.

Even though motorbikes make up fewer than 4% of all vehicles registered in Nsw, riders and pillion passengers were responsible for about 14% of traffic deaths in 2014.

How protective gear lessen the injury?

Protective gear is intended to lessen the impact on your body during a collision. Accidents involving motorcycles and scooters can occur anywhere, at any time, even on local, quick outings. Riders and pillion passengers in an accident run the following two risks of harm:

Fractures, internal injuries, and bruising can result from impact with the road, a car, roadside objects, or even your own bike.

Large portions of skin and muscle tissue might be lost as a result of abrasion from sliding along a road. These wounds may necessitate protracted hospital stays, rigorous rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, and permanent and disabling scarring.

You should factor the cost of high-quality protective leather suit into your riding expenses. If you don’t dress properly, you could end up paying a significantly higher price in terms of pain and suffering following an accident. The experience of riding will be more comfortable and enjoyable if you are wearing protective apparel that blocks the wind and rain.

What is Moto CAP?

Moto CAP a scale for evaluating protective Motogp gear for motorcycles and scooters. The method attempts to assist riders in making more educated selections regarding the equipment they wear and buy. The evaluation assigns a score out of five for both the safety and thermal comfort of the goods currently on the market.

A variety of fabrics from top companies are rated by Moto CAP for Motorcycle leather jackets, pants, and gloves. Remember to subscribe or check in frequently because the website is constantly being updated with new products.

What are the Value of Motorcycle Equipment?

Based on the body parts they shield, motorcycle gear can be divided into three groups. The rider’s head is shielded from impact damage and lacerations by the helmet. Hands and feet are shielded against cuts and bruises by the gloves and boots. Arms, legs, and the body’s trunk are protected from fractures and other severe injuries by motorcycle jackets and pants.


Motorcycle helmets can lower the chance of a brain injury by 69% and the risk of mortality by 37%, according to the CDC. In fact, it has been estimated that motorcycle helmets have saved over 25,000 lives. The best helmets are certified to withstand a significant collision as well as numerous minor impacts. Choosing a top-of-the-line helmet is crucial to motorcycle safety because impacts to the motorcyclist’s head frequently occur in motorcycle accidents. Because they can shield the eyes, face, and chin, full-face helmets provide the best protection.

Boots and gloves

Road rash and shattered bones can result when motorcyclists automatically extend their feet or hands to catch themselves after collisions.

Motorcycle riders who fall off their bikes are cushioned by armoured riding gloves with strong knuckles. Some also offer wrist assistance. A decent set of gloves not only protects against crashes but also improves grip and dampens vibrations, which makes it simpler to manage the bike.

How Boots help to protect from injury

In the event of an accident, high-strength riding boots protect your feet and ankles from severe twisting and deep cuts. Motorcycle riders who wear boots are less likely to hurt their ankles or feet. Even when riding a motorbike, wearing non-motorcycle boots greatly reduces the risk of injury compared to wearing tennis shoes or other types of footwear. A decent pair of motorcycle boots has protection over the toes and a flex-resistant construction.

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